Welcome to Greater Parsippany Rewards!

Greater Parsippany Rewards (GPR) is a service of the Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce (PACC) which is aimed at driving economic growth in the Greater Parsippany Area. As an Area Chamber of Commerce, PACC recognizes the importance of community and economic development.

Statistically, it is noted that consumer spending represents the greatest portion of revenue generated within our economy between 60% to 70% in fact. Therefore, driving economic growth is correlated directly to consumer spending (Table 1.1.2, Bureau of Economic Analysis). The Greater Parsippany Rewards Program targets over 80,000 consumers and over 250 businesses. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that in 2008, over 70% of Parsippany’s Workplace population consists of out-of-town residents. The Greater Parsippany Rewards Program is aimed at reaching these 30,000 plus individuals in addition to Parsippany’s 50,000 plus local residents. All proceeds from the Greater Parsippany Rewards Program are utilized directly for Local Community & Economic Development programs.